When I first met Siobhan, over four years ago, I instantly liked her as a person. She was warm, genuine, and funny, but I had huge doubts about reflexology and if it would actually make a difference in my life. After getting to know Siobhan as a friend and talking with her about reflexology and its benefits, I finally caved and gave it a try. It practically changed my life and I can't thank Siobhan enough for introducing reflexology into my life.

It made such a tremendous impact on me that I convinced my CEO at my company to allow Siobhan to spend a day at my office and hold 30-minute sessions for anyone who wanted to book a session. It went over so big that we now have Siobhan come to our office twice a year.

~Nicole DiCicco (forever grateful)


WOW!! That is what comes to mind when I think of a Reflexology session with Siobhan. At the end of my session, I feel as if I am walking on air.  If I were you, I would call and make an appointment immediately. 

~Simona  Civinini


Siobhan is an experienced Reflexologist. I have had many wonderful relaxing sessions. She has healing hands and I always feel better after a session. 

~Terry DeMonbrun

 Siobhan has an intuitive sense on what exactly it is that you need.  After a busy day of non stop walking and running around, I had a reflexology session with her and left feeling like I was floating on air.  In fact, throughout the hour I felt so relaxed that my mind actually stopped it's typical busy mental chatter.  This is no easy feat for me!  With my pleasure I highly recommend Siobhan.

~Laura Perlman-Pinna


Over two years ago, Siobhan Bedell introduced me the ancient history of Reflexology and, after many sessions with her, I can totally and fully attest to her expertise in her field. Her vast knowledge of her art made our sessions both therapeutic as well as educational. Siobhan soothing demur and professional technique have always left me with an overall sense of wellbeing, calmness and renewed energy. For anyone interested in experiencing the benefits of reflexology, I, without reservation, recommend that you experience it at the hands of Siobhan Bedell. 

~Edwin Órielly

The year of 2009 had been a stressful year for me. I was tense and worried day and night concerning my husbands health. My neighbor, Siobhan, noticed my lose of energy and suggested reflexology.  At first, I was reluctant that her reflexology would help me but after many serious talks with her, I decided to give it a try.

She came to my apartment, put me in a comfortable chair, played soft, soothing music, and asked me to close my eyes and relax.  I slipped off in a very dream like state, completely cleared my mind of all my problems and worries. After I left, I felt strong, energetic and ready to face the situation that was awaiting me at home. 


Siobhan not only gave me a reflexology treatment, she also made sure that I reached the relaxation stage that I so much yearned for and needed. I very sincerely recommend sessions with Siobhan when you are under stress and need to balance your energy. She has made me a believer. To this day, I still have regular sessions.

~Margit Zsedely (former skeptic)